from the kitchen

    • Fruit Bowl10.25

      seasonal fresh fruit, berries + strawberry yogurt

    • Fresh Veggies8.50

      chilled and served with avocado-ranch dressing

    • Chips Con Queso10.00

      homemade tortilla chips served with
      warm queso dip, salsa + guacamole

    • Hummus Plate9.75

      marinated red onion, kalamata olives
      + warm pita bread

    • Shrimp Ceviche14.00

      red onion, cucumber, tomato,
      lime + lemon juices, cilantro + avocado,
      served with homemade tortilla chips

    • Shrimp Cocktail16.50

      four jumbo shrimp served with
      lemon + cocktail sauce

    • Sonoran Kale Salad14.50

      grilled chicken breast, baby heirloom
      tomatoes, avocado, frizzled tortillas,
      queso fresco + chile-lime dressing

    • Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad13.50

      croutons + shaved parmesan

    • Greek Salad13.50

      hears of romaine, feta cheese, cucumber,
      tomato, red onion, pepperoncini,
      kalamata olives, lemon-herb dressing
      + warm pita bread

    • Classic Quesadilla10.50

      spicy marinated chicken, cheddar cheese
      + fresh tomato served with salsa,
      guacamole + sour cream

    • Italian Beef Sandwich13.50

      slow roasted italian-style beef,
      giardiniera + provolone served on
      a toasted baguette with au jus

    • Cajun Dog10.00

      quarter pound vienna beef dog, oven roasted
      tomatoes, griddled onions + remoulade
      served on a toasted baguette

    • Crispy Lettuce Wraps12.00

      pickled vegetables, marinated mushrooms,
      crisp wontons + peanut dressing
      (add roasted chicken for 2.50)

    • Grilled Cheese10.50

      fontina cheese + oven roasted tomatoes
      on grilled sourdough

    • BLTA11.50

      applewood bacon, crisp lettuce, tomato,
      avocado + roasted tomato mayo
      on sourdough

    • Chicken Pesto Panini11.50

      pesto marinated chicken, tomato
      + gruyere cheese

    • Turkey Club Wrap12.00

      turkey, bacon, lettuce, tomato + avocado

    • Chicken Caesar Wrap12.00

      grilled chicken, romaine lettuce,
      croutons + caesar dressing


    for 3-5 people

    • Skinny Dip Platter35.00

      hummus with warm pita bread, crispy lettuce wraps
      + fresh veggies with avocado-ranch dressing

    • Wraps Assortment40.00

      turkey club + chicken caesar
      wrapped in warm flour tortillas

    • Sandwich Assortment40.00

      variety of chicken pesto paninis,
      grilled cheese + blta sandwiches


    • Dippin’ Dots Ice Cream4.50

      banana split, cookies + cream, rainbow ice, or cookie dough


    • Sonoran Sangria8.00

      fruit-based punch with red wine, fresh limes,
      oranges, berries + club soda

    • Hawaiian Mimosa9.00

      skyy pineapple vodka, kenwood sparkling wine + pineapple juice

    • Key West Mimosa9.00

      absolut mandarin vodka, kenwood sparkling wine
      + fresh-squeezed orange juice

    • Bloody Mary9.00

      tito’s vodka, bloody mary mix, worcestershire sauce + tabasco

    • Vampira9.00

      el jimador silver tequila, clamato tomato cocktail,
      squirt citrus soda, cholula, fresh lemon juice + salted rim

    • Raspberry Lemonade9.00

      finlandia redberry vodka, fresh-squeezed lemonade + raspberries

    • Hotlanta Madras9.00

      absolut peach vodka, fresh-squeezed orange juice,
      cranberry juice + fresh lime juice

    • Mojito10.00

      bacardi superior rum, fresh mint, muddled limes,
      simple syrup + club soda

    • Pineapple Mojito10.00

      bacardi pineapple infused rum, fresh mint,
      muddle lime, simple syrup + club soda

    • Moscow Mule10.00

      stoli vodka, ginger beer + fresh lime

    • Whiskey Smash10.00

      maker’s mark whiskey, fresh mint, simple syrup,
      muddled lemon + blackberries

    • John Day Lee10.00

      sweet carolina sweet tea vodka + fresh-squeezed lemonade

    • Hurricane10.00

      captain morgan’s silver rum, fresh-squeezed orange juice,
      pineapple + lime juice, simple syrup, with a
      myers’s dark rum + grenadine floater

    • Alabama Slammer11.00

      reyka vodka, southern comfort liqueur, amaretto liqueur,
      sloe gin liqueur + fresh-squeezed orange juice

    • Margarita11.00

      hornitos plata tequila, cointreau orange liqueur, fresh orange + lime juice

    • OH Pool Punch (souvenir cup)15.00

      bacardi light rum, malibu coconut rum, fresh-squeezed orange juice,
      pineapple + lime juice, ginger ale + grenadine

    frozen potions

    • Mudslide12.00

      stoli vodka, bailey’s irish cream + kahlua coffee liqueur

    • Banana Daiquiri12.00

      sailor jerry spiced rum, coconut + pineapple
      juices blended with fresh banana

    • Strawberry Margarita12.00

      milagro silver tequila + cointreau orange liqueur
      blended with fresh strawberries

    • Pina Colada12.00

      bacardi superior rum + coconut and pineapple juices

    • Fresh Berry Daiquiri12.00

      cruzan silver rum blended with fresh blueberries,
      blackberries + peach daiquiri mix

    • Jacked Up Colada12.00

      jack daniels whiskey blended with
      coconut + pineapple juices

    • Miami Vice12.00

      layered strawberry daiquiri + pina colada
      blended with cruzan silver rum

    cocktail pitchers

    liquor upgrade available for additional cost


    • Ultimat Lemonade30.00

      ultimat vodka + fresh-squeezed lemonade

    • Moscow Mule30.00

      stoli vodka, ginger beer + fresh lime

    • Margarita30.00

      hornitos plata tequila, cointreau liqueur
      + fresh orange and lime juice

    • Bloody Mary30.00

      tito’s vodka, bloody mary mix, worcestershire sauce + tabasco

    • Raspberry Lemonade30.00

      finlandia redberry vodka, fresh-squeezed lemonade + raspberries

    • John Day Lee30.00

      sweet carolina sweet tea vodka + fresh-squeezed lemonade

    non-alcoholic potions

    • Red Bull4.00

      original, sugar free + more

    • Iced Coffee5.00

      cafe latte or mocha

    • Virgin Raspberry Mojito6.00

      club soda muddled with fresh mint + lime,
      raspberries + splash of simple syrup

    • OH Smoothie6.00

      fresh berries and banana blended with
      strawberry yogurt and fruit juices

    beer + wine also available